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Barbara Ott and her team at Wattpad use Ada to make their support extremely accessible and quick, so their 60+ million users can enjoy an uninterrupted experience.

What is Your Ideal Support Experience?

Wattpad is a massive online storytelling community with a highly engaged, young, and tech savvy user base. Their ideal support experience is to provide help to their users instantly, rather than having them wait for ticket responses or sifting through FAQs. Their users needed to enjoy the experience beyond just getting an answer. This meant them not feeling interrupted from the core purpose of Wattpad – creating and enjoying cool stories.


Users are part of the Wattpad community that Ada helps support


Percentage of questions that needed human attention after chatting with Ada

How Ada Helps

How Ada works in the Wattpad app
Ada's just a click away for Wattpad users, which means they get help right in the app

Wattpad's Ada bot lives inside their app and keeps users from needing to leave for help. The key metric that the Wattpad team cares about is how many users still need help after talking to Ada. Fewer than 0.5% of users that chat with Ada have needed additional help from a human, which is a huge success in enhancing the user experience and keeping users from leaving the app for help.

Nick Cunningham, Community Support at Wattpad

“As our users ask our Ada bot more questions, it gets smarter and learns from each interaction”

Nick Cunningham, Community Support at Wattpad


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