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“Ada has been an incredible tool for our customer support strategy.”
“More customers are talking to the chatbot than had ever emailed our support inbox.”

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Ada's tailored machine learning improves customer experiences, saves support costs, and generates new revenue.


  • iOS
  • Android

Frenzy wanted to grow their business while maintaining consistent customer service

  • Improved product feedback
  • 94% of questions handled by Ada
  • Cost savings reinvested into product
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“Ada is a tremendous tool for our team. It has saved us from hours of support tickets, informed product decisions, and is a delight to use.”
”The Ada app really allows us to give them answers as quickly as possible, and get back to their lives and reading stories and entertaining themselves.”


  • iOS
  • Android
  • Web

Wattpad's 60M+ users get uninterrupted help right within the app and website.

  • 99.5% of questions handled by Ada
  • AI learns from helping Wattpad users
  • Increased user retention
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“It provides us with insights on our customer's most common questions and how to create the best content to solve them.”
”Ada has been a key component of our support scaling efforts by helping our customers help themselves across both web and mobile.“

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