Ada is approachable AI

Ada's visual editor Ada's visual editor

Designed for your non-technical team

With Ada, building and managing your bot doesn’t require expensive technical skills and long timelines. Our platform allows anyone on your team to create new content as your company evolves and customer demands change.

  • Automate answers in seconds
  • Easily add pictures, videos, and GIFs
  • Quickly capture and store customer information
  • Turn to our Client Success Team for assistance
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When will I be able to start using your product?
We have two products launching soon, which one would you like to learn about?
Product One
Product Two

Our machine learning enhances your customer engagement

  • Instantly analyze customers’ questions to deliver the right answer in seconds
  • Understand customer speak, including typos, synonyms, and slang
  • Improve bot accuracy with every conversation
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Ada's multilingual capabilities Ada's multilingual capabilities

Speak every customer’s language

  • Manage your bot in one language and deploy it to over a 100 languages
  • Use our platform to translate and refine responses
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I want to talk to a human about this
No problem! Someone from our team will get in touch immediately.
Hey Mark, this is Sarah from the customer service team, it looks like you're interested in our new product, is this correct?
That's right!

Enable seamless bot to human hand-off

Ada routes complex issues directly to your customer service team. Your agent receives the bot conversation with the right context to help immediately.

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Ada integrates with your existing workflow

Live Person
Ada's machine learning capabilities Ada's machine learning capabilities

Capture and store user information

  • Provide user information instantly with your API
  • Empower agents with the information they require to resolve inquiries up to 5x faster
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Take automation to a new level of personalization

Use our platform to provide responses catered to each customer, and automate actions on behalf of your agents.

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Ada's machine learning capabilities Ada's machine learning capabilities
What's my account balance?
Welcome back Mark, your account balance is $60!
Amazing, thanks!
No worries! Let us know if there's anything else you need help with!

Provide consistent multi-channel support

Deploy 24/7 instant customer service across your website, app, and social channels.

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Learn from your customers

  • Identify knowledge gaps and customer pain points
  • Inform business processes and product decisions
  • Drive future sales and customer loyalty
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Meet our Client Success Team

Our dedicated team will be by your side as you build, train, and maximize the Ada platform.

Picture of Ada's Client Success Team

Help your customers,
help themselves

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